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Choristers’ comments

Look at what some of the choristers have to say…

“I’ve been part of the TSO Chorus since 1993 and I still appreciate and value the privilege of singing wide-ranging and challenging repertoire with a professional orchestra of such high standing as the TSO.”

“Performing our first Proms concert was mind blowing: hearing the full house audience singing back at you in full voice, waving their flags madly while dressed in their most fabulous costumes of tiaras and union jacks. At the end of the performance the concert hall was sea of streamers and the crowd were calling out for more.”

“Singing in the TSO Chorus can be the most uplifting experience. We give and share so much together, that we can’t help but feel a special bond and connection. This in turn pervades our music and is conveyed through our performance.”

“Singing in TSOC keeps me growing musically. I have to work hard; I can’t hide or fudge. There’s always a challenge, and meeting it is not just satisfying but downright exhilarating.”

“We have the privilege of working with world class conductors and soloists and have the best backing band you could ever ask for. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

“Just some of the highlights of being in the chorus for over 10 years have been performing under the baton of Vladimir Ashkenazy at the Sydney Opera House, being on stage watching Roger Woodward playing a Beethoven Concerto and hearing Sara Macliver sing Faure’s Pie Jesu not just once, but three nights in a row including rehearsals.”

“It’s a privilege to work with our chorus master June. She always brings out the best in us.”

“Singing en masse is exhilarating. Food for the mind, the heart and the spirit. And it’s fun!”

“Tuesday night is simply the highlight of my week! I sing, I learn, I laugh and I enjoy – totally removed from the pressures and tensions of a busy professional life. What a gift and what a privilege to share a great musical and social commitment with a terrific bunch of people.”

“Being a member of the TSO Chorus allows me to use all the musical skills and knowledge I have accumulated over many years, and take them to a new level as a member of an ensemble striving for, and achieving, a standard of excellence I never would have dreamed I would be part of.”

“Enjoyment, collegiality, and learning from a truly professional chorus director. The chorus reflects June’s wisdom, insights. We stand tall under her leadership.”

“There is an indescribable sense of unity as you become part of something that is bigger than the sum of the parts.”

“Singing in the Chorus to me is about sharing a passion for singing, getting to learn some new repertoire, getting to use my brain in a different way, learning bits of language and being involved with some excellent musicians. It also means stepping out of what can be a very routine work life!”

“Being in the chorus is challenging, exciting and, when you get it right, satisfying.”

“It keeps me musically honest.”